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Dr. Jim's Melb Chiro & Bedding Clinic

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Chiropractic.FM | Dr. Jim Skivalidas | 55 Rouse St Port Melbourne | 9646 8600


We believe in the profound effect of the adjustment



It is the evolutionary step of Clarendon Chiropractic expanded into and practicing the profound effect of the adjustment, coupled by the living with the ancient - modern ideals of the dream for wellbeing as created by the founder Dr. Jim Skivalidas

1. Health is our greatest asset and our basic right. 


Health is our greatest asset, designed to experience optimal and complete states of physical, social and emotional well-being. Health is our passport and the body's vehicle to experience the 7 areas of our human life, regardless of sex, color, creed or religion.


2. Your NERVOUS SYSTEM powerfully and resourcefully co-ordinates self-repairing and pain relief healing, as well optimum body functioning of our organized system.


Our organized cells, tissues, organs (body) are designed to experience life through our senses and regulated via your nervous system. The first system formed in human creation from sperm and egg controls and co-ordinates via messages, every thought, function, pain and healing, of cells to systems in your body. It situates in the brain, spine and the network distributes through all of you.


3. A profound effect occurs when regular spinal and self aware adjustments empower your nervous system


Coupled by living the daily ancient olympic inspired ideals, 'dream' for wellbeing.  This enhances the human experience for your time and those who will come after you.

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Coming in 2017

Coming in 2017